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A Literature Stand or literature display is an effective tool for any trade show booth or retail environment. A literature stand display can hold individual sheets of literature, magazines, brochures or any valuable material that needs to be displayed. These portable trade show displays also take up little space so you are sure to have a place for one or two in your trade show display area or retail environment. There are many styles on the market today. Take some time to review all of your options and choose what’s right for you.

Folding or Collapsible

Folding literature stands are very popular with trade show exhibitors because of the compact feature they all have in common. Folding displays are built to  sign holder collapse into a fold-away size for easy storage and transportation. Another great feature is the ability to keep your literature inside the display while in transport. Leave your literature inside the stand, slip the stand into its case and you’re ready to go. Now that’s real convenience!

Modular Displays

A modular literature stand breaks out into several parts or lays flat into a case when not in use. But when it is in use it will be a show stopper for any trade show booth or business location. The modular type display is often a bit heavier than some of the other types of literature stands but are still considered portable.

Roll up Display

The most lightweight full size literature display is the mesh roll up literature stand. The mesh literature stand rolls up to a very small size and takes up very little space in travel or storage. Yet when rolled out to full size this display presents 8 pockets for literature, brochures or magazines.

Table Top Literature or Brochure Holder

Table top literature displays are always a great addition at a trade show or a retail setting. Very handy and taking up very little space a brochure holder can be placed almost anywhere and present your literature in a very stylish way.

Literature Display – plus Podium

When limited on space no need to choose between a literature stand or a podium. You can get the two together with a Triplex Podium Literature Display. This portable trade show display will hold three pockets of material and pull up to the height of a podium with a wooden top big enough to place a computer on.

Information Centers

Another type of literature display where you get a two-for-one deal is called an information center. These unique literature displays have an adjustable shelf that will hold your material and also give you a large frame to hold a 22″x28″x.25″ sign or graphic.

There are many types of literature stand displays available on the market today that will compliment your marketing display and support your sales or exhibit team. By naming a few categories we hope to give you a head start on your journey of Literature Display shopping.

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