5 Major Mistakes While Doing Digital Marketing

No doubt people learn from their mistakes but the extraordinary people also learn from the mistakes of others. Throughout the journey of becoming the best digital marketing agency in Karachi we have learned from our mistakes along with the mistakes of others.

Why not to share those lessons and the insights which we have gained throughout this journey. Lets have a look of 5 major mistakes which people often make.

Neglecting Mobile Users

Many of you would be reading this blog on your smart phones. Do you really think that neglecting the mobile users in any activity of digital marketing could give desired results. I know you do not. Even the latest technologies are highly emphasizing on entertaining the mobile users. For example HTML and CSS are having mobile responsive features.

It would be realistic if I suggest you give more importance to mobile users than the desktop ones.

Not rewarding your users

The second big mistake I have explored after the careful observation of working of many digital marketing agencies in Karachi is that we never try to give some rewards to our users.

The ultimate consequence of this mistake is the detachment of customers, clients and users. Contrarily the relation of give and take creates the sense of achievement in users and it keeps them attached to us.

Missing Blogs On Websites

Missing the blogs’ page on websites is one of the biggest mistakes people usually make while doing SEO. The exposure of your website depends upon the quantity along with the quality of content on your websites. The less quantity of blogs and articles means the less quantity of signals and opportunities to Bots to crawl your websites. The following screenshot explains my above statements.

Avoiding Social Media

Sometimes digital marketing agencies don’t pay the required attention on social media platforms while doing digital marketing. In the era where people post check ins and photos of their lunch and dinner on facebook, neglecting social media for the marketing of your business would be considered as a big mistake. The use of social media is the best way to interact with your audience and the incredible thing is that it will not cost you a single buck.

Not Using Videos

Unfortunately today people prefer videos on reading books. It does not mean to neglect the value of written content but this is a bitter truth that people would not read your blog if the alternative video is available to them.

The video is more engaging, interesting and requires less amount of mental effort. That is why today digital marketing agencies are focusing on video content as well.

Dear readers these are some mistakes which digital marketers often make while doing digital marketing.

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